Arkansas Place Names
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USGS Mapping Information: GNIS Data Base Query Form
   Feature Name  St  County Name   Type    Latitude LongitudeUSGS 7.5' Map
 Baker           AR Lafayette    pop place 332753N  0933245W Old Town
 Baker           AR Searcy       pop place 355449N  0923551W Harriet
 Baker           AR Sharp        pop place 361650N  0912450W Hardy
 Baker           AR Howard       civil     341930N  0940930W Baker Springs
 Township of
 Baker Bend      AR Hempstead    bend      334251N  0935618W Red Bluff
 Baker Bluff     AR Randolph     cliff     361801N  0911058W Ravenden
 Baker Branch    AR Columbia     stream    331202N  0930344W Spotville
 Baker Branch    AR Independence stream    354626N  0912440W Charlotte
 Baker Branch    AR Lincoln      stream    334829N  0914233W Tyro
 Baker Brothers  AR Arkansas     reservoir 343106N  0912830W Ulm
 Baker Cemetery  AR Baxter       cemetery  362130N  0922429W Mountain Home
 Baker Cemetery  AR Columbia     cemetery  331130N  0930446W Spotville
 Baker Cemetery  AR Drew         cemetery  333155N  0914607W Monticello
 Baker Cemetery  AR Independence cemetery  354810N  0912340W Charlotte
 Baker Cemetery  AR Izard        cemetery  360735N  0914114W Myron
 Baker Cemetery  AR Polk         cemetery  341600N  0941643W Wickes
 Baker Cemetery  AR Randolph     cemetery  361654N  0911028W Ravenden
 Baker Cemetery  AR Washington   cemetery  355205N  0941728W Strickler
 Baker Chapel    AR Sharp        church    362020N  0912329W Hardy
 Baker Church    AR Polk         church    341607N  0941658W Wickes
 Baker Creek     AR Howard       stream    341739N  0940915W Baker Springs
 Baker Creek     AR Pope         pop place 352010N  0930758W Russellville
 (historical)                                                West
 Baker Den       AR Randolph     pop place 362720N  0910820W Dalton
 Baker Den       AR Randolph     church    362726N  0910822W Dalton
 Church of
 Baker Den Creek AR Randolph     stream    362629N  0910846W Dalton
 Baker Den Hill  AR Randolph     summit    362713N  0910809W Dalton
 Baker Den       AR Randolph     school    362726N  0910822W Dalton
 Baker           AR Pulaski      school    344502N  0922618W Pinnacle
 Elementary                                                  Mountain
 Baker Flying    AR Chicot       airport   330630N  0911500W Eudora South
 Service Airport
 Baker Ford      AR Fulton       pop place 362235N  0913340W Mammoth
 Baker Ford      AR Howard       crossing  341745N  0941039W Baker Springs
 Baker Hill      AR Sharp        summit    360750N  0913930W Myron
 Baker Hollow    AR Searcy       pop place 355605N  0924238W Marshall
 Baker Hollow    AR Searcy       valley    355541N  0924254W Marshall
 Baker Knob      AR Madison      summit    355016N  0935352W Delaney
 Baker Lake      AR Searcy       reservoir 355012N  0923200W Leslie
 Baker Lake Dam  AR Searcy       dam       355012N  0923200W Leslie
 Baker Mountain  AR Polk         summit    342901N  0941144W Eagle
 Baker School    AR Polk         school    341558N  0941642W Wickes
 Baker School    AR Sevier       school    340247N  0941640W De Queen
 Baker Spring    AR Searcy       stream    360228N  0924435W Maumee
 Baker Springs   AR Howard       pop place 341845N  0941003W Baker Springs
 Baker Springs   AR Howard       post      UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Baker Springs
 Post Office                     office
 Baker, Township AR Izard        civil     361340N  0915010W Franklin
 Baker, Township AR Lafayette    civil     332335N  0933015W Old Town
 Baker, Township AR Randolph     civil     362730N  0910715W Warm Springs
 Bakers Bayou    AR Lonoke       stream    343152N  0915227W Humnoke
 Bakers Creek    AR Pope         stream    351933N  0930830W Russellville
 Bakers Creek    AR Randolph     stream    362633N  0910940W Dalton
 Bakers Creek    AR Yell         stream    350440N  0933730W Havana
 Bakers Creek    AR Pope         cemetery  352025N  0930723W Russellville
 Cemetery                                                    East
 Bakers Creek    AR Pope         church    352028N  0930756W Russellville
 Church                                                      West
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